Sagacity Media…Helping You Achieve Success!

At Sagacity Media we have a simple but important goal; and that is to help our clients create a powerful image and a solid brand that engender trust and credibility across Guyana and the Caribbean.

With services such as Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising and Video Productions, our clients’ success is guaranteed.

At Sagacity Media we understand the importance of building a superior image, as such, we place heavy emphasis on public relations by providing expert intermediary services between our clients and the public.


Mission Statement

To deliver a service that meets the unique needs of clients through innovation, research and expertise.

Our business conduct

Our mission is to provide a premium service to our clients through expertise and innovation, building positive images and engendering customer trust and satisfaction.

 What we do

  • We are an energetic agency that always deliver impactful publicity campaigns
  • Creates return on investment with driven marketing campaigns
  • Facilitate proactive media relations that produce results
  • Secure strategic product placement
  • Build successful branding and communications campaigns